_________Amy Allen________

Amy Allen, a young sculptor of enormous talent, received her B.A. in Fine Arts from Colorado College in 1992 and studied stone carving at the Marble Institute of Colorado from 1992-1995. She is affiliated with brokers or galleries in Washington, Idaho, Colorado and Florida, and her sculptures are in private collections in California, Washington, Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania and Belgium. In 1996, she received the Peoples's Choice Purchase Award from the City of Grand Junction, Colorado, "Art on the Corner" program.

Inspired by science, especially astronomy, Amy carves graceful organic designs which are beautiful to see and to touch. Amy carves a variety of stone quarried by James Goss: yellow "butter" marble, gray marble, green serpentine, and pink red and gray dolomite, as well as Colorado Yule marble and more exotic stones such as blue anhydrite from Peru, Picasso marble and purple florospar.

Amy was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Western Colorado and moved to the remote Chillowist Valley near Malott, Washington, in 1994. She lived and carved there with her husband, James Goss, until they moved to Hawaii and gave birth to their son, Jackson Ty in September of 2002.(written by Susan Musgrove)



Stellar Impressions

Smoke Signals